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Did you know....Frontline plus is known to kill 100% of fleas within 12 hours after it has been applied to the dogs skin. It is very good at breaking the flea life cycle and it really helps prevent any further infestations.

Frontline treatments contain an active ingredient which is Fipronil. This gets stored in the dogs oil glands which are just under your dog?s skin, this then travels to the dogs skin and hair and also through the hair follicles.


On the market there are currently a wide variety of flea products that will all help to prevent your pet dog from catching fleas in the summer months.

Frontline flea protection works by providing fast acting and long lasting flea protection against fleas all year round. Frontline is applied by parting your dogs fur between the shoulder blades and squeezing the contents of the sachet onto your dogs skin, this will then allow the treatment to soak into the dogs skin so when the fleas then suck the dogs blood they will also get the flea treatment and this will then start to work in killing them off.

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Frontline is a long lasting treatment that continues to keep working up to a month to keep away fleas and ticks from taking up home on your dog.

Frontline can be used on puppies and kittens that are 8 weeks or older, this product is alos safe to use on dogs that are breeding, pregnant and even feeding babies.

Frontline will continue to be effective even if your dog is a keen swimmer and has been in the water or bathed within the month you have applied the treatment. This also applies if you have been grooming your dog.

Frontline Protection For Dogs

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