Why We Should Be Killing Dog Fleas

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Killing Dog Fleas | Why we should be killing dog fleas

Why We Should Be Killing Dog Fleas
Do you know how crucial killing dog fleas is? Chances are you at least have a clue, but then again itís also likely that you have no idea. Those who dedicate a great deal of time to treating dog fleas do so because they know full well what those bloodsuckers are capable of.

Fleas are tiny creatures. In fact, they appear as nothing more than minuscule specks to the naked eye. But youíll be surprised at how tough these little critters are; without question, they are built for survival.

The typical flea may only measure a sixteenth (1/16) to an eighth (1/8) of an inch, but its many unique attributes more than make up for its size. Its weight and body structure, for example, allow it to leap distances 200 times its length in a single bound. This ability comes in handy when invading a new host, whether it be the hairy mailman, the noisy cat that lives across the street, or good old Spot, the family dog.

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Why Should We Be Killing Dog Fleas?

Once it has stealthily made its way onto enemy territory, the flea has no problem gliding through the veritable forest of hairs on its host, continually escaping detection until it finds a spot to feast. And even on the off chance it gets caught (a lot harder than it sounds), it doesnít go easily. The fleaís body is hard and resilient enough that despite its size, steady pressure wonít be enough to finish it off. You may have to crush it completely, otherwise risk another invasion from the exact same agent.

Why Should We Be Killing Dog Fleas?

Now a single flea is tough enough to deal with, so you can just imagine how hard treating dog fleas is when they number in thousands. One adult flea is capable of laying around 20-50 eggs a day, and may end up laying hundreds or thousands of eggs in a lifetime.

Just imagine what would happen if each of those eggs hatch and the offspring live well into adulthood. With the flea reproduction rate being what it is, entire armies of fleas can be born within a couple of generations, all from a single flea.

At this point, you may ask why we should concern ourselves with fleas in the first place. Why should we be so worried about the fleaís mad reproduction rate and penchant for survival? Why is killing dog fleas absolutely necessary, anyway?

Consider this: a single flea can bite its host up to 400 times a day and guzzle up more than its weight in blood while its at it. If thatís what one flea can do, what will a legion of them do to your pet?

Why We Should Be Killing Dog Fleas

Keep in mind that fleas are more than a minor annoyance. Their harm does not lie in the fact that they make your dog itch every now and then. The harm is that this itch makes your dog scratch, and scratch incessantly, which could lead to several skin disorders like permanent hair loss and an assortment of small wounds a good enough reason why we should be killing dog fleas.

Worse yet, fleas could compromise old Spotís health, in case Spot turns out to be allergic to them or he ends up swallowing them (tapeworms, anyone?). Fact is, while flea bites may turn out to be minor, serious health problems and even death is possible in some cases. So really, it should come as no surprise that so many people dedicate so much time to killing dog fleas and justify why we should be killing dog fleas!

Donít make the mistake of thinking that killing dog fleas is not worth your time. Now that you know the facts, you should know better. Fleas are bad news and as responsible pet owners, it is our duty to male our pets comfortable and kill dog fleas.

Why We Should Be Killing Dog Fleas

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