Using Flea Treatment Responsibly

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When choosing a flea treatment for your cat or dog then you must make sure that you have the correct treatment for your pet's size. A cat is NOT a small dog and so you must never use dog flea treatment on your cat as this could result in your cat becoming really poorly and will not get rid of the fleas.

The reason that dog flea treatments ill not work on a cat is due to the fact that dogs and cats both have a very different physiology and metabolic make up.

Different strengths of chemicals are used to treat the two animals so the flea treatment must be used on the right animal, it might also be a good idea if you do have both cats and dogs to keep them apart for a couple of days after the treatment has been applied.

Powders are often used to treat fleas, the downside of these are that they only work whilst the powder is on the animals fur. Cats groom themselves daily so they will quickly loose the powder out of there fur. The powder may also be inhaled by your pet and this could cause breathing problems.

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Fleas collars are another favorite amongst pet owners, the collars contain active ingredients that spread through the cat's coat. The chemicals may not always spread properly so they may not be very effective. Some cat flea collars are not fitted with safety snap open buckle so if your cat becomes caught they will not be able to get free and may become injured.

Spot on products are available for both cats and dogs, but you must be very sure that you have the correct product for your pet for the treatment to be effective. Spot on products are generally put on your pet at the back of the neck, between the shoulder blades.

The flea treatment is then spread around the body, hopefully killing all your pet's fleas spot on flea treatments vary in the job they do some kill fleas and some prevent the development of fleas. Most treatments are effective.

The following list of dog spot on products can be fatal if they are used accidentally on cats:

  • Armitage pet care flea and tick drops/ and for dogs
  • Advantix spot on solution for dogs
  • Beaphar dog flea and tick drops
  • Bio-techs anti flea and anti tick drops for dogs
  • Bio-techs flea and tick drops for dogs
  • Bob martin dog spot on
  • Bob martin flea and tick spot on
  • Bob martin permethrin dog spot on
  • Canovel flea drops
  • Canac dog flea and tick drops
  • Derasect flea drops
  • Exspot insecticide for dogs
  • Hyperdrug veterinary flea and tick drops/ for dogs
  • Johnson's flea and tick drops fro puppies and small dogs
  • Johnson's insecticidal flea and tick drops
  • Protect spot on flea and tick drops for dogs
  • Wilko dog fleas
  • Zodiac flea and tick drops for dogs

    You must always read the label really well before you apply any flea treatment to your pet

Using Flea Treatment Responsibly

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