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What are snow fleas? Well they are insects that are usually found when it has been snowing jumping around in the snow. They hide all summer and mate in the soil and come out to play again in the winter. They like to live off bacteria and fungus.

Snow fleas are also referred to as spring tails. They do not only live outside they also like to live in the house due to it having high moisture. They do like to live in damp houses as they are able too live off mold and mildew that may be on the walls or window ledges.

If you notice snow fleas living in your house the best way to try to stop them coming in is to close all windows to stop any more cold and damp getting in.

If you have got snow fleas and have decided that they need to go, the best way to get rid of them is to just spray them with insect spray as you would any other insect. Spray the affected area well and any other places you feel they may be living. Leave for a couple of hours and when you check back all the snow fleas should have gone. Carry this out as often as needed.

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Snow fleas generally tend to be harmless to humans and pets, just choosing to live around us feeding off fungus and bacteria. As snow fleas do not bite, they are not actually fleas they are just unlucky enough to look like fleas.

Although snow fleas are known to be harmless they are still not a pretty sight to be seen in your home.

Snow Fleas

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