Life Cycle of a Flea

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Life Cycle of  a Flea
Each flea has a different life cycle, this can be anywhere from 2 weeks to over 2 years, so it is extremely important that you are highly vigilant when it comes to dealing with fleas.

Life Cycle of  a Flea
Fleas just love warm places so living on animals and in homes is just perfect for them to breed and take over causing us humans a real headache in getting shot of them.

Life Cycle of  a Flea
Adult fleas love living on pets and get themselves nestled into there fur ready to live off the animals blood. Fleas can sometimes be shock off by the pet when the flea causes the pet to feel the need to scratch, this is when the flea takes up residence in the carpet fibres and uses that as home until it is able to jump onto the pet again. Common fleas have a great ability for jumping, allowing them to jump from pet to pet.

Adult fleas like to live on your pet as this will allow them to have plenty of blood meals.

Life Cycle of  a Flea
Female fleas like to lay their eggs in the pet's fur, these eggs are small, white and round. As they are not sticky they do tend to fall off and land in the carpet, soil, pet bets. The female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day so you will soon become in festered.

Life Cycle of  a Flea
The laid egg stays where it has landed and eventually it will hatch, this can be anywhere from 2 days to a few weeks. The hatching time will depend on the conditions it is in, the warmer the conditions the quicker it will hatch.

Life Cycle of  a Flea
The next stage is the larval stage. Larvae are about 1/4" long and are transparent. They live of faeces of adult fleas which consists dried blood, and also debris that is found in the carpet, bedding and soil. This stage can vary in length depending on the amount of food it can find to feed on and the conditions of the environment

Life Cycle of  a Flea
The next stage is where the flea larva makes a cocoon to allow the adult flea to develop. These stages are often carried out in areas like deep in the carpet pile, these areas make the ideal place as they are hard to reach with flea sprays. This stage allows the adult flea to grow, this can take as little as 3 to 5 days or as long as a year. The adult flea sits and waits for the right time to pop out. A mixture of elements will determine how long this takes they can be temperature, high humidity, and vibrations.

Life Cycle of  a Flea
Once the adult flea is ready it will pop out in as little as a second and will instantly jump onto a passing animal, instantly biting the skin and drinking on the blood.

This whole process in ideal conditions can take as little as 14 days from start to finish from egg to adult so the flea infestation process is rather quick at taking over your house.

Life Cycle of A Flea

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