Killing Dog Fleas In Your House And Yard - Part Two

Flea Free - The Easy Way

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Picking up where I left off in Part One, I’d just like to offer my two cents worth on chemical warfare as a means of killing dog fleas before I move on with the discussion:

Many consider adulticides and Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) to be the most potent weapons in the war against fleas and for good reason. Both have repeatedly lived up to their reputations of being highly effective in treating dog fleas. Problem is, they’ve proven equally dangerous when used by unwitting hands. So before using these chemical arms, you’d best know how to maximize their effectiveness without compromising your safety.

Step Two: Chemical warfare (continuation).

Adulticides and IGRs typically come in three forms: foggers, sprays, and powders. Each has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks, and its own specific manner of use. Abusing these chemicals or using them incorrectly will most likely prove detrimental to the health of all those who have been exposed to them. Extreme caution is advised.

a) Foggers

Among all the weapons in the flea fighter’s arsenal, foggers by far cover the most ground.

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Killing Dog Fleas in your House and Yard

They devastate entire areas when set off, killing everything within a certain radius, akin to bombs when they explode. Though they are highly regarded for their efficiency, they are often criticized for not getting the job done.

Foggers may kill every flea within a radius of their location, but as they are often set off in the middle of rooms, they are notorious for leaving certain spots untreated. These areas include the corners and far ends of the room and the spaces behind and underneath the room’s furniture. Ironically, these are the very places most fleas would hide in.

b) Sprays

If foggers are bombs, then that would make sprays rifles. Like foggers, sprays can kill every flea they hit. Unlike foggers, though, sprays only cover a small area at a time, ensuring it’ll take a while (and a lot of cans) before you’re through.

The upside with sprays is that they pride themselves on accuracy rather than efficiency, making them a great supplement to foggers.

Take note that there are foggers and sprays that are only capable of killing dog fleas without acting as IGRs. There are, however, those that can do both, so it’s best to keep an eye out for them.

c) Powders

Powders work as either adulticides or IGRs. They are usually sprinkled on areas that are suspected to have fleas, and act as acid rain or land mines that are sure to have negative effects on all those they come in contact with, be it fleas, pets, or humans.

When using any of these chemical arms, it’s essential to follow the instructions and heed the warnings written on the labels. These chemicals can lead to health problems during and even after usage, so keep your distance from treated areas until it’s 100% safe. Always clean up areas after treatment.

Step Three: Playing it safe.

Now that you’ve rid your pet and your home of fleas, you have to make sure those that remain are in no condition to stage a comeback. Even after all that, there’s still a chance there are a few fleas left somewhere in your house or yard just waiting to latch onto ol’ Spot and feast before multiplying and repopulating your pet and home. What’s a tired flea fighter to do?

The answer’s simple. Maintenance. At this point, killing dog fleas shouldn’t concern you so much as keeping their numbers low. Keep using IGRs to ensure the few remaining fleas don’t reproduce, and give Spot a flea bath every now and then to kill off any adults that are foolish enough to take a bite out of him. Treating dog fleas using natural methods might also be a good idea at this easy stage, and a refreshing change of pace.

Killing dog fleas and keeping them at bay can be incredibly frustrating, but with this three step process, you’re guaranteed to see results.

Killing Dog Fleas in Your House and Yard - Part Two

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