How to Kill Fleas On A Pregnant Dog

Flea Free - The Easy Way


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Fleas will infect your pet at the first opportunity that they can, the first you will know about it, is when you see you dog scratching but by this time they might have hundreds of fleas living in your dogs fur.

The most common remedy for killing fleas is to go to the supermarket ands buy a chemical flea killer or take your dog to the vets to be treated for fleas, this is not a suitable method if your dog is pregnant so you may need to look at trying some of the non chemical ways of killing the fleas.

Try the following method of flea treatment on your pregnant dog for a safe method of getting rid of irritating fleas.

Fill your bath with about 1 inch high of lukewarm water, if you dog is a big dog then you can fill the bath up more if you wish.

Add tea-tree oil to the bath, this is totally safe to use on humans as well as on pregnant pets, as it an all natural insecticide

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Then place your dog in the bath or on the bathroom floor and mix the water in the bath with your liquid dish soap and lather the dog making sure you do not allow the soap to get in the dogs eyes.

Keep the dog's fur all soapy for around 15 mins to allow it to start to kill off all the fleas that are currently living in your dog's fur.

Wash your dog's fur thoroughly with warm water making sure you wash out all the soap.

To finish place cold water in your dog's drinking bowl and add 1 tsp of vinegar to it. This should hopefully prevent your dog getting fleas in the near future.

How to Kill Fleas on A Pregnant Dog

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