Home Remedies for Killing Dog Fleas - Part Two

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Home Remedies for Killing Dog Fleas - Part Two

In Part One of Home Remedies For Killing Dog Fleas, we talked about how to kill fleas on a dog using a flea trap, some food additives, and a home-made spray. In Part Two, weíll take things a step further by revealing even simpler and more potent methods of ridding your pet and your home of the little pests.


Home Remedies for Killing Dog Fleas - Part Two
1. Set Up (Another) Flea Trap.

If you thought the first flea trap was ridiculously easy to set up, then just wait until you hear this.

Chances are youíre already familiar with the traditional mouse traps from watching those old Tom & Jerry cartoons (you know, the ones that snap shut when the cheese is pulled from the trap?), but have you ever seen one of those new glue traps? By placing some bait in the middle of the glue trap, mice get themselves stuck in the glue until someone comes along to deal with them.

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What does that have to do with killing dog fleas? Simple. You can also use these glue traps to catch fleas and do with them as you wish.

Does that mean that you have to stick Rover in the center of the glue trap to act as bait? Of course not! All you have to do is make sure the glue trap you get is white. Fleas are naturally attracted to the color white, and they should be drawn to the trap like moths to a flame.

Just leave these traps in flea-infested areas and see the white slowly turn black with hundreds of tiny specks.

Home Remedies for Killing Dog Fleas - Part Two
2. Give them a Flea Bath.

Yes, I understand that by saying these are home remedies you felt that you wouldnít need to spend money on the many products on the market that altogether make up the arsenal for chemical warfare against fleas. Relax, you still donít have to. All you need to give your flea-ridden dog a flea bath is some water and, of all things, some dishwashing liquid.

Home Remedies for Killing Dog Fleas - Part Two

As you probably figured out by reading Part One of this instalment, fleas donít take being immersed in soapy water very well, much less when the suds come as a result of a generous amount of dishwasher. Not only will the oils do a thorough job of killing dog fleas through suffocation, they should also keep flea eggs from sticking to your dogís skin and fur.

Make sure that you drown the fleas in the suds by keeping your pooch in the water for a few minutes, and also remember to rinse well. Using a flea comb (in itself a natural remedy for dog fleas) after a bath should deal with the remaining pests that were too stubborn to let go.

Home Remedies for Killing Dog Fleas - Part Two
3. Season them with Salt.

One surprisingly potent natural remedy for dog fleas can be found in almost every dinner table or kitchen cupboard: salt. If fleas are starting to take over your house, then you (and the rest of the residents of flea county) could benefit from a healthy dose of salt.

Donít bother emptying an entire shaker on your next meal, though. Swallowing mouthfuls of salt will do nothing to ease your troubles, and may even leave a bad taste in your mouth. What you need to do is to sprinkle salt all over your house, especially the areas you suspect are hotspots for flea activity. Leave no floor unsalted.

Not only is this natural remedy for dog fleas a far cheaper alternative to chemical products, it also works faster than some of them. Many who have tried this method have seen results in as little as a couple of hours.

And that concludes this instalment of the Home Remedies For Killing Dog Fleas series. Now that you know how to kill fleas on a dog using home remedies, I suggest you get cracking before the flea problem gets to be too much for you to handle.

Home Remedies for Killing Dog Fleas - Part Two

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