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Cat fleas look very similar to dog fleas and actually both species can live on cats and dogs. Cat fleas are the more likely species to bite humans, although a small infestation may live on your pet without you knowing as you may not see the signs, whereas a large infestation will distress your pet more so you will see the signs and as there will be more fleas then you will have a higher likely hood of being bitten.

Both cat and dog fleas are commonly found in the home and they are in their prime in the summer months.

The female cat flea is about 2.5mm long with the male being slightly smaller in size. The larvae of both cat and dog fleas are nearly twice as long as the adult fleas. They get their source of food from dry blood particles and other bits of food that gets collected in the corners of infected houses.
Heavy infestations will look similar to the sight of sprinkled salt and pepper, as this is a mix of grayish larvae and the white eggs, this is more commonly found in the areas that your pets sleep and more commonly in the pet bed. If you notice this salt and pepper look then you have all the signs of a heavy infestation and will need to take some fast action to try and get rid of the fleas.

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Fleas love warm environments so warm houses allow the infestation of fleas to spread quicker than if they are outside. Fleas normally only live if there is a pet in the house that they can feed off, Fleas need a host to live off so you don't generally tend to get fleas in the house if there are no pet's.

If you have a cat or dog and they have puppies or kittens whilst they are infected with fleas then the fleas can easily be passed onto the babies as they will all be in the same bed together, if this is the case you will soon have a massive infestation on your hand. Puppies and kittens are not normally treated with chemical remedies for getting rid of fleas until they are at least 12 weeks old so you would need to use natural treatments for the babies.


Cat Fleas

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