Killing Dog Fleas

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Chemical vs Natural Remedies - Both methods of Killing Dog Fleas have their pros and cons, but can one really be as good as the other? Or does one of them actually have the clear advantage?


Killing Dog Fleas

The truth is that dog fleas are small, quick and agile. It may be that there are loads feasting on you and your pet but due to their size you may at first mistake them for a speck of dirt.

Below is a picture of what a dog flea actually looks like so you know what to look for. Usually they like to stay out of clear sight and often move about quickly through your pets fur.

Dog Flea Picture - Killing Dog Fleas

What’s The Best Approach To Killing Dog Fleas?
If your dog has been suffering from fleas, then you’ve probably been suffering as well? From struggling with the question of the best approach to killing dog fleas. Should you opt for chemical warfare, or should you search for a natural remedy for killing dog fleas instead? Choosing how to get rid of Dog Fleas is not a simple choice!

Both methods of Killing Dog Fleas have their pros and cons, but can one really be as good as the other? Or does one of them actually have the clear advantage? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Chemical Treatments for Killing Dog Fleas

Pros - Effectiveness

It’s hard to question the efficacy of chemical-based dog flea killing products, considering their reputation. They simply do what they’re supposed to do, and they do it well. Make sure you’re prepared with a broom, dust pan, and vacuum to clean up the fleas’ remains after the fallout. There’s bound to be a lot of them.

Pros - Potency - Killing Dog Fleas

Some of the chemicals used for killing dog fleas are so potent that they not only devastate the current crop of fleas, they also put a stopper on future infestations.

Pros - Efficiency - Killing Dog Fleas

Anyone who’s seen how foggers work should have some idea how fast the flea removal or killing process can be. It may take a while before you can get back in the house after they’re set off, but they’ll have your uninvited guests dead in a matter of minutes.

Cons -
Health concerns - Killing Dog Fleas

A big problem with chemical products is that they’re not only harmful to dog fleas. Your dog and even you may suffer from exposure to these chemicals, especially if either you or your dog is particularly sensitive or allergic. And what good is a flea-free house if its residents are cooped up in the hospital?

Cons - Expense - Killing Dog Fleas

Relying too much on chemical products for killing dog fleas will eventually put a dent in your wallet. Many of these products don’t come cheap, and lots of them need to be supplemented by other similar products to be completely effective. Be careful, otherwise you may have to sell your dog just to get rid of his fleas.

Natural Remedies for Killing Dog Fleas

Pros - Effectiveness at Killing Dog Fleas

A good natural remedy for killing dog fleas can be just as effective as chemical-based products, despite what some people say. They may not be as flashy or as hyped, but they work nonetheless.

Pros - Economy - Killing Dog Fleas

Much cheaper than chemical products, natural remedies frequently go by the moniker ? home remedies? because all the materials necessary to perform them can be found at home. You won’t have to sell your dog to get funds for these.

Pros - Safety - Killing Dog Fleas

Don’t worry about getting hospitalized by attempting one of these natural treatments. The great thing about these methods is that using them makes killing dog fleas practically fool proof. Anyone can do it without having to worry about the potential consequences.

Cons - Speed - Killing Dog Fleas

Using natural remedies pretty much guarantee you’re in for a long haul. Most of these flea remedies can’t match the speed of chemical flea killers, especially when it comes to dealing with massive infestations. They’re effective, but their speed leaves much to be desired.

Cons - Rematches - Killing Dog Fleas

Natural remedies aren’t known for nipping infestations in the bud the way Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) do. IGRs can render fleas incapable of reproduction, effectively breaking the life cycle of the flea and preventing future flea infestations. Since natural remedies focus more on killing dog fleas and the flea eggs, they tend to leave the door open for future infestations.

A pros and cons list should prove helpful in coming to a decision about the best and easiest approach to killing dog fleas, but keep in mind that your choice isn’t limited to just either of the two. If you can find a way for these two treatments to work together, then all the better for you, and all the worse for fleas.

Killing Dog Fleas


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